Draft Local Hazard Mitigation Plan

At the City of Stanton, we want to make our community as safe as it can be, which is why we’re preparing a Local Hazard Mitigation Plan (LHMP). This plan will help our community assess the potential for future disasters, take steps to prepare for them, and make us eligible for additional funding from the federal and state government. Our LHMP will cover four major topics:

  • Summarize the natural and human-caused hazards that pose a threat to our community
  • Look at how our community members, buildings, and infrastructure are vulnerable to these hazards
  • Outline a Hazard Mitigation Strategy, with specific policy recommendations for future actions to help reduce the threat from these hazards
  • Maintenance procedures for the plan, keeping it current in the face of changing conditions
Our LHMP is being prepared by the City, with support from key stakeholders and technical consultants. Community input is vital to ensure that our plan reflects the opinions, concerns and goals of the community. This input was used to create the Draft Local Hazard Mitigation Plan which is available for public comment.

Please email all comments and feedback to JHuynh@StantonCA.gov.

Thank you for your participation!