Public Works & Engineering

The City of Stanton Public Works Department is responsible for the maintenance and improvement of the City's vital infrastructure, including streets,  sidewalks, parks, landscaping, sewers, storm drains and public facilities.  Services are provided using a combination of in-house personnel and private contractors and are divided into two subdivisions: Maintenance and Engineering. 

Our Maintenance division maintains public facilities for the City of Stanton using a combination of in-house personnel and private vendors these services include maintenance of public buildings and facilities, landscaping and park upkeep, street and sidewalk maintenance and repair, storm drain and sewer servicing, and graffiti abatement. 

The Engineering Division manages the City’s infrastructure by administering the planning, programming, budgeting, construction and maintenance in the most cost-effective method to meet the needs of the community.  The Engineering Division is responsible for the design and construction of the City’s Capital Improvement Program (CIP). This includes improvements to the street, traffic signals, storm drains and sewer systems along with public facilities and parks.

The Engineering Division also reviews proposed private developments and recommends conditions of approval, provides plan check services, issues permits for construction in the City right-of-way and manages the City’s solid waste program. The Engineering Division also represents the City on OCTA, Caltrans, Orange County grant programs and regional engineering projects.