Human Resources & Risk Management

The Human Resources and Risk Management division contributes to the City's organizational vision by providing a personnel system which ensures the selection of qualified individuals for City employment; equal opportunity for candidates for position in the City's service; and legal adherence to federal, state and local employment laws and guidelines. This division administers the employee compensation, benefits and training programs that serve to attract and keep high-caliber employees in the City service. Human Resources staff conducts recruitment and selection of candidates for positions in City service; administers the City's Personnel Rules and Regulations, and related policies; administers the City's employee benefits program including health, dental, vision, retirement and life insurance; and coordinates various employee training and recognition programs.

Additionally, this division provides administrative oversight of the City's General Liability, Workers' Compensation, safety, property and insurance programs. The City of Stanton is a member of the California Joint Powers Insurance Authority (CJPIA), which consists of more than 120 public agencies. The City obtains insurance policies and various risk management services through CJPIA.