Public Safety

Public Safety

The Public Safety Services Department directs, manages and oversees the activities and operations of the City’s public safety contracts and serves as the liaison for police, fire and animal control services. The department also coordinates and oversees citywide code enforcement, emergency management and public safety services initiatives. Our ultimate goal is to address issues of community safety that are essential to community vitalization throughout Stanton. 

Code Enforcement enforces the Stanton Municipal Code and other related state codes to preserve and enhance the safety, appearance and economic stability of our community. Our Code Enforcement team conducts inspections in residential, industrial and commercial locations for code violations, including but not limited to building, business license and regulatory permits, graffiti, housing, nuisance, zoning and other municipal and state related codes. 

Park Rangers patrol and monitor Stanton facilities and neighborhoods. They enforce rules, resolve disputes, educate the public and contact Stanton deputies to report activity. The use of Park Rangers allows Orange County Sheriff’s Department deputies to handle priority calls for service. 

The primary activity of the Parking Control Program is to enforce City Codes and Ordinances. Activities involve imposing parking laws, jurisdiction over the hearing process for contested parking citations, administering the permit-parking program, and collecting all parking fines.

Stanton's outreach approach is to connect with people that are experiencing homelessness and link them to the most appropriate resources for their individual needs. Our Outreach Coordinators collaborate with various agencies and our Sheriff’s department to guide the navigation and referral process of homelessness services.