City Council

The City of Stanton operates under a Council/Manager form of government, under which the City Council is the policymaking body and the City Manager is responsible for carrying out Council policy. The City Council is made up of Stanton's mayor, who is elected at large, and four City Council members elected by voters in their districts. Councilmembers serve a four-year term of office and elections are held in November of even-numbered years.
Interactive District Map: Search for your Council District by Address.

The City Council addresses the current and future needs of the City through the adoption of policies which promote the best interests of the community and the City's relationships with citizens, business, community organizations and other governmental agencies. The three forms of action that the City Council may take are ordinances, resolutions and minute orders.
  • An ordinance is the most binding form of action taken by the City Council; it is the legislative enactment of City law. An ordinance requires a four-fifths vote for adoption. If a four-fifths vote is not received, the ordinance must return to the next regularly scheduled Council Meeting for adoption. Ordinances become effective 30 days after adoption.
  • A resolution establishes Council policy or directs certain types of administrative action. Resolutions of commendations are adopted to honor deserving individuals or organizations. It is usually effective after a majority vote at the meeting.
  • A minute order is considered the most informal action taken by the Council. It requires majority approval of procedural actions such as filing a report or instructing the administrative staff to take certain actions.
Regular City Council meetings are held on the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month at 6:30pm (except for the fourth Tuesday in December) in the City Council Chambers, 7800 Katella Ave, Stanton, California 90680.

Untitled design (16)Mayor:
David J. Shawver
(Term Expires 2026)

Hong Alyce VanMayor Pro Tem:

Hong Alyce Van
District 2
(Term expires 2024)

Gary Taylor Council Member:
Gary Taylor
District 3
(Term Expires 2026)
Untitled design (17)
Council Member:

Donald Torres
District 1
(Term expires 2026)
Bio (Coming Soon)

Carol WarrenCouncil Member:
Carol Warren
District 4
(Term expires 2024)

The City Council also serves as Successor Agency to the Stanton Redevelopment Agency. Successor Agency meetings follow regular City Council meetings.

Chairman: David J. Shawver
Vice Chairperson: Hong Alyce Van
Agency Member: Gary Taylor
Agency Member: Donald Torres
Agency Member: Carol Warren

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