Public Works FAQ

City Maintenance Services

How do I report a dead animal?

Please contact the City of Westminster at (714) 548-3201 to report a dead animal. The city of Westminster is the City’s provider of animal control services. Please visit the Animal Services page for additional information. 

How do I report graffiti?
Public Works crews are responsible for the elimination of graffiti from walls and buildings within the City. Abatement techniques include cleaning and painting over graffiti. The Public Works Department will only abate graffiti on public property and on areas in the line of side from major arterial streets.  All other graffiti issues will be handled through the City's Code Enforcement Department.

To report graffiti on public property in Stanton:
How do I request sand bags?
Sand and sandbags are available to Stanton residents free of charge, throughout the rainy season. Sand and sandbags are limited to 10 bags per resident. Residents will need to fill sandbags themselves at our Corporate Yard:

10970 Pacific St (off Beach Blvd)
Monday through Thursday
6am to 4pm
(714) 890-4205

How do I request street plans?
Plans should be requested through the City Clerk's Office via a Public Records Request.

Trash Pick-Up

Who is responsible for trash/recycling pickup in the City of Stanton?
What do I do if I need to dispose of a couch, mattress or other large item?
CR&R offers residents bulk item pick-up services, to schedule a pick-up please call (714) 372-8272.  The City does not pick up or dispose of items from private residences.
What do I do if I see a couch, mattress or other large item in the public right of way?
CR&R offers a service to pick up and dispose of these items within 48 hours. Please contact CR&R at (714) 372-8272 to report these items. The City does not pick up items that were illegally dumped in the public right-of-way.
Who do I call to pick up bulk debris and abate graffiti in the rail road property?
The City does not pick up items or clean graffiti in the rail road right-of-way. These areas are owned and maintained by Union Pacific. Please contact them at (626) 935-7617 for questions pertaining to the rail road property.

Streetlight & Electrical Maintenance

How do I get a broken street light fixed?
To report an inoperable street light, please call Public Work at (714) 890-4205. The City of Stanton owns 70% of the Street Lights in the City. Southern California Edison owns the rest that are in wooden poles. You may report the outage of a wooden pole at the SCE Website. SCE will require the address of the pole, the type of pole material (wood), and the pole number. The pole numbers are approximately seven digits long with the letter "E" at the end and are painted on the pole or engraved on a metal tag, placed at eye level.
Trees branches are growing close the power lines.  How do I get them trimmed?
Southern California Edison is responsible for trimming tree branches that can potentially harm power lines.  These service request may be reported to SCE by calling (800) 655-4555 or at the SCE website.
How do I obtain information about a power outage in my neighborhood?

Please contact SCE for information pertaining to power outages, or visit their outage center website. This site contains information about planned and unplanned outages.

Street Maintenance

How do I get a tree in front of my residence trimmed/removed?
A request to remove a City tree or have one trimmed will be considered for approval at the discretion of the City Arborist.  Criteria for removal of a tree may include a tree that is determined to be dead, dying or can potentially fall over.  All requests will be reviewed prior to a decision being made. Requests can be made by calling the Public Works Department at (714) 890-4205.
When will my street be resurfaced?
The roads that paved are prioritized in the City’s Pavement Management Plan, which ranks the current condition of all the roadways. The City uses this tool, taking into consideration the current budget, type of use and amount of average daily traffic flow on the roadways to determine the roadways to be repaved each year.
What is Slurry Seal?
Slurry Seal is a mixture of asphaltic oil, water, fine crushed rock and sand. It is a preventative maintenance procedure designed to extend the life of existing streets. It helps to maintain the integrity of the roadway by filling surface cracks and voids and also creating a seal to protect it from water damage.
How do I fix standing water in the gutter?
The City does not currently have a program for the repair of individual curbs and gutters. Severe locations are included in the City’s Capital Improvement Program and are addressed when the street is repaved. Homeowners may hire a licensed contractor to make repairs at the homeowner's expense. A Public Works Encroachment permit will be required.
What do I do if I see someone discharging concrete, paint, plaster, or other material into the gutter?
The only permitted discharge into a gutter is stormwater. The release of concrete, paint, plaster or other materials is not permitted and is a violation of the City's water quality ordinance. Anyone who is found illegally discharging into the storm drain system may be fined under this ordinance. If you observe someone illegally discharging these types of materials, or anything else besides stormwater into a gutter or catch basin, please call the Department of Public Works at (714) 890-4205 during normal business hours, or call the Stanton Sheriff's Department at (714) 647-7000.
How often does the street sweeper come into my neighborhood?
Street sweeping is conducted by: 
Can I park after the Sweeper has swept the street?

No. You cannot park at any time during the posted period or you may receive a parking citation. All residential tracts have signs at each entrance and exit. These signs prohibit parking on street sweeping days. Please read the sign for your tract carefully to avoid a parking ticket.

Sewer Maintenance

Who is responsible for repairing my property's sewer lateral under the street?
The City is responsible for cleaning and maintaining the sewer mainline only. Maintenance of a sewer lateral attaching itself from the building to the mainline is the responsibility of the property owner. This includes the section of pipe beneath the property extending to beneath the street until it connects to the mainline. 
Why is the sewer lateral the responsibility of the private property owner?
Individual house connection sewer lines are not of general benefit to the public since they can only be used to legally serve a single lot. The fact that the house connection sewer is in a public street does not warrant it being public benefit; therefore, maintenance and repair should not be performed by City at the expense of the taxpayers. Property owners are currently paying a reduced rate on their property tax bills by not having their private laterals maintained by the City.
There are tree roots in my line, apparently from a City parkway tree. Is the City responsible for damages?
No. It is the responsibility of the private property owners to maintain and clean their sewer laterals per the Stanton Municipal Code. Tree roots enter the sewer lines through cracks and fractures that develop on the surface of the pipes. If the sewer pipe is in a good structural condition, tree roots will not enter the sewer lines.
What are common causes of Sewage Spills?

Grease builds up and eventually blocks sewer pipes. Grease gets into the sewer from household drains, as well as from poorly maintained commercial grease traps and grease interceptors. Grease is the most common cause of pipe blockages. Structural problems caused by tree roots in the lines, broken/cracked pipes, missing or broken cleanout caps, and/or undersized sewers, can cause blockages. Please see the Fats, Oils, and Grease Section for more information about the proper disposal of grease.

What should I do if I have a sewer spill because of blockage in my service or private line?
The property owner is responsible for a sewage spill caused by a blockage in your sewer lines. Time is of the essence in dealing with sewage spills. You are required to immediately:
  • Control and minimize the spill. Keep spills contained on private property and out of gutters, storm drains, and public waterways by shutting off or not using the water.
    Clear the sewer blockage. Always wear gloves and wash your hands. Call a plumber if necessary.
  • Call the City immediately at (714) 379-9222.
  • Call your local Health Care Agency (714) 667-3600 or (714) 628-7008 after hours.
Can I put my medications down the toilet or drain?
No. Unused prescriptions and over-the-counter medications that are put in drains or flushed down the toilet pollute the environment. Unused medications should be taken to a household hazardous waste collection center or put in a sturdy, securely sealed container, then in a trash can where children and animals can't reach them. To find out more about the hazardous waste collection site near you is available at or call 834-6752.