Social Media Policy

This policy establishes guidelines for the establishment and use of social media sites by the City of Stanton (“City”). The intended purpose behind establishing City social media sites is to disseminate information about City issues, services and programs to community members. While social media is not the City’s primary communication platform, social media is intended to foster a relationship with the community, leading to a higher level of public confidence. 
For the purposes of this policy:
  • “Social Media” is defined as websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking.
  • “Comments” include information, articles, pictures, videos or any other form of communicative content posted on a City of Stanton social medium site by a member of the public.
  • All City social media sites shall be established and administered by City of Stanton staff as designated by the City Manager.
  • City social media sites are created and maintained solely for disseminating information regarding City business. The City has the discretion to share information from or about other public agencies, non-profits, or elected officials as it deems appropriate. The City will not honor requests to post content from outside businesses or individuals.
  • City social media sites should make clear that they are maintained by the City of Stanton and that they follow the City’s Social Media Policy. This policy shall be made available via hyperlink on all social media sites which permit it.
  • Wherever possible, City social media sites should link back to the official City of Stanton website for forms, documents, online services and other information necessary to conduct business with the City of Stanton.
  • The person designated by the City Manager will monitor content on City social media sites to ensure adherence to both the City’s Social Media Policy and the interest and goals of the City of Stanton. The City reserves the right to restrict or remove any comment that is deemed in violation of this Social Media Policy or any applicable law.
  • The City will approach the use of social media tools as consistently as possible, enterprise wide.
  • All City social media sites shall adhere to applicable federal, state and local laws, regulations and policies.
  • City social media sites are subject to the California Public Records Act. Any content maintained in a social media format that is related to City business, including a list of subscribers, posted communication, and communication submitted for posting, may be a public record subject to public disclosure.
  • Employees representing the City government via City social media sites must conduct themselves at all times as a representative of the City and in accordance with all personnel rules and policies.
  • This Social Media Policy may be revised at any time.
  • Comments containing any of the following inappropriate forms of content shall not be permitted on City of Stanton social media sites and are subject to removal and/or restriction by City staff:
    • Comments that are substantially off-topic from the original topic, including, spam, random, unintelligible comments, unduly repetitive comments, and/or unduly lengthy comments;
    • Profane, obscene, or pornographic content and/or language;
    • Content that discriminates on the basis of race, creed, color, age, religion, gender, sexual orientation, disability, or national origin;
    • Sexual content or links to sexual content;
    • Threats to any person or organization;
    • Comments in support of, or in opposition to, any political campaigns or ballot measures.  This is because this is because City-run social media pages are funded, operated, and maintained by public resources, which cannot be used to facilitate political discourse except for purely informational and neutral content;
    • Comments that violate of the Brown Act; 
    • Solicitation of commerce, including but not limited to advertising of any business or product for sale;
    • Conduct in violation of any federal, state or local law;
    • Encouragement of illegal activity;
    • Information that may tend to compromise the safety or security of the public or public systems;
    • Content that violates a legal ownership interest, such as a copyright, of any person or entity;
    • Comments regarding City confidential personnel matters; 
    • Content that relate to confidential, private, or proprietary information; 
    • Content that violates any local, county, state, or federal law or regulation; or 
    • Content that is unprotected speech under the First Amendment.
  •     A comment posted by a member of the public on any City of Stanton social media site is the opinion of the commentator or poster only, and publication of a comment does not imply endorsement of, or agreement by, the City, nor do such comments necessarily reflect the opinions or policies of the City of Stanton.
  •     The City reserves the right to deny access to City of Stanton social media sites for any individual, who violates the City of Stanton’s Social Media Policy, at any time and without prior notice.
  •     City staff shall monitor their social media sites for comments from the public requesting responses and will make their best efforts to respond in a timely manner.
  •  When City employees respond to a comment or message, in their capacity as a City of Stanton employee or as a member of the general public, they shall not share personal information about themselves, or other City employees.
Each type of Social Media maintains a “Terms of Use” agreement. All comments posted to any City Social Media Site are bound by these Terms of Use and the City reserves the right to report any user violation.