City Clerk

The City Clerk's Office is committed to accurately recording and preserving the actions of the City Council; safeguarding vital, historic and permanent records of the City; providing the City and its citizens with professional, courteous service and easy access to information; and guiding members of the public through processes to facilitate open participation in the decision-making and policymaking of the government.

The City Clerk serves as Clerk of the City Council, Secretary of the Stanton Successor Agency, Secretary of the Stanton Parking Authority, Secretary of the Stanton Public Financing Authority, Secretary of the Stanton Housing Authority and Secretary of the Stanton Oversight Board.

The City Clerk administers the City's legislative processes. The City Clerk is responsible for preparing City Council Agendas and follow-up correspondence; recording and maintaining City Council Minutes, Ordinances and Resolutions; preserving all official and historical City records; conducting City elections; recording deeds; administering oaths; receiving and processing of liability claims against the City; responding to Public Records Act requests; providing applications for voter registration; and complying with filing obligations required by the State Political Reform Act.

As the principal link between the public, the City Council and the City organization, the City Clerk’s Office provides the following services: