Notice of Availability of Surplus Land in the City of Stanton

To:         Whom It May Concern

Re:         Notice of Availability of Surplus Land in the City of Stanton Pursuant to California Government Code Section 54220 et seq. (the “Surplus Land Act”)
Pursuant to the provisions of the Surplus Land Act (California Government Code Section 54220 et seq.) (the “Act”), the City of Stanton (“City”) hereby notifies those entities designated in Section 54222 of the Act of the availability for lease or purchase of the City- and Housing Authority-owned land identified in Exhibit 1 attached hereto and incorporated herein by reference (the “Development Site”), for the purposes authorized in the Act, which land the City has declared surplus by Resolution No. 2020-04, dated October 27, 2020, and prior to the disposition of the Development Site by the City, consistent with the Act and the City’s policies or procedures.

The Development Site is in the Tina Pacific Neighborhood. The Tina Pacific Neighborhood is generally located in the northeast quadrant of the City of Stanton, at the intersection of Magnolia and Pacific Aves.  More specifically, the project site is bounded by Magnolia Ave. to the east, Sherrill St. to the west, an alleyway south of Pacific Ave. to the south, and Tina Way to the north and consists of thirty-one (31) parcels totaling approximately 5.35 acres (233,041 square feet). Of the 31 parcels, 18 are currently occupied by residential tenants; the remaining parcels are vacant and most all improvements have been demolished.

If you have any questions regarding the Development Site, you may contact the City’s representative, Jarad Hildenbrand, City Manager, at the telephone number or email address listed below) or by responding to the cover email accompanying this transmittal.

If interested in purchasing or leasing the City- and Housing Authority-owned land for an authorized purpose under the Act, you must notify the City in writing of your interest in purchasing or leasing the land within 60 days of the date of this Notice of Availability. Written notices of interest must be sent, if at all, to, and must be received by, January 18, 2021 within said 60-day period at the following address. The receipt of an email or notice by regular mail by way of the United States Postal Service is acceptable. If by regular mail, we suggest that you send it via certified mail with return receipt requested.         

Please send written notices of interest to:

City of Stanton
Attn: Jarad Hildenbrand
7800 Katella Ave.
Stanton, CA 90680
(714) 890-4277

Exhibit 1-c1 - Development Site Properties