Community Services Brochure Printing

Please find the complete request for proposals here: City of Stanton Community Services Brochure Printing 2023
The City of Stanton (“City”) is seeking a successful printing firm to print and distribute the City’s Community Services brochure, The Stanton Express, three times per year.

The purpose of the RFP is to provide interested vendors with sufficient information to enable them to propose and submit proposals for the scope outlined within the RFP.

The contractor shall furnish all equipment, labor and materials necessary to produce the Stanton Express.  This will include reproduction and delivery of the final product to the Post Office in the correct manner for business/pre-sorted mailing. The total price should include any additional charges (i.e. for blueline). Sales tax (Orange County, CA tax rate, currently at 8.75%) is to be added for only those copies (1,200) NOT delivered to the Post Office for distribution.

The contractor shall print three editions of the City of Stanton’s Stanton Express per year. Each edition will include approximately 17,000 finished copies, 8.125 x 10.25 booklet format, twenty-four content pages, plus interior and exterior front and back covers. Proposers should also include a quote for a twenty-eight-page edition, plus interior and exterior front and back covers.

  • The inside pages should be 50# white offset sheet fed.
  • Pages will be printed all color and be in CMYK format.
  • The cover will be 2 cover pages, front and back, of 60# gloss.
  • The finishing includes stitching and trim.

Delivery of printed Stanton Express is to be made with at least 1,200 delivered to the Stanton Community Services Department, 7800 Katella Avenue, Stanton, CA 90680 and approximately 16,000 being delivered to the Buena Park Branch of the United States Post Office, 7377 La Palma Avenue, Buena Park, CA 90622, and bundled / labeled according to current U.S. Postal Service regulations for presorted standard delivery, or as directed by the City’s designated representative.

Printing will typically occur in the months listed below:

  • Winter/Spring – December
  • Summer – April
  • Fall – August