commercial cannabis

Commercial Cannabis Overview

In June 2020, Ordinance 1100 was adopted to establish regulations and zoning standards related to Commercial Cannabis Businesses. In September 2020 the Screening Application was opened to the public for review and response. The application period was open from September 14 to October 29, 2020. Each application was reviewed and scored by the Application Evaluation Committee, using the Cannabis Business Permit - Screening Criteria.  The list of selected applicants by category can be accessed under Commercial Cannabis Screening Results. The City is no longer accepting applications, until such time the City Council may direct to reopen categories where no application is received. 

To date, the table below lists the successful permittees and their identified business locations.  As other permittees submit applications, the website will be refreshed to reflect up-to-date information.

Cannabis Permittee Progress Table - Copy
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