Stanton City Council Supports Sheriff's Appeal to Court Ruling

At a special meeting held on Monday, Dec. 21, the Stanton City Council voted unanimously to direct the City Attorney’s office to file or join an amicus brief in support of Orange County Sheriff Don Barnes’ challenge to a court order regarding the release of inmates.

On Dec. 11, the Orange County Superior Court ordered Sheriff Barnes to release over 1,000 inmates from County jails (about half of the total inmate population), to help reduce the spread of COVID-19. If the order stands, the inmates could be released in January.

Stanton’s City Council strongly supports the Sheriff's plan for mitigating COVID-19 within the jail system, rather than a mass release of inmates risking the safety of our community. “Providing for a safe community is the City Council’s top priority,” Stanton Mayor David Shawver said. “The Council unanimously supports this action.”

See the full press release here: Press Release 12.21.2020