City Council Approves Updated District Map

Thanks to your involvement with the redistricting process and assisting the City in redrawing district lines, the Stanton City Council has selected and adopted Public Map Cv2, implementing new electoral district boundaries. The new districts will be used for City Council elections starting with the November 2022 election.

  • Two Council Member seats will be up for election and shall be elected “by-district” (District 1 and District 3) along with the at-large Mayor.
  • Only residents that live in those respective districts up for election can cast ballots for their candidate of choice.
  • The election of the Mayor will remain “at-large” meaning elected by all voters of the city, no matter where in the city you live.
  • The Orange County Registrar of Voters has obtained data from the City of Stanton to integrate into its precinct system to determine which voters are in which districts (based on the City Council approved map) and who will need a ballot.

The City wants all registered voters in District 1 and District 3 to be aware and prepared for the November 2022 General Municipal Election in our City.  For more information and to determine what district you live in, please visit the City’s website at Here you will find an interactive web map where residents can enter an address to determine which district they are in or view a copy of the approved boundary map and demographic data for each district.

For additional information, please contact:  Patricia A. Vazquez, City Clerk I (714) 890-4245 I