NOC Funding Extended

Stanton, Calif. (Aug 3, 2021):  Officials announced this month that $7.8 million in state funding has been secured to continue The North Orange County Public Safety Task Force (NOCPSTF), of which Stanton is the Fiscal Agent. In 2017, Senator Josh Newman successfully secured $20 million to fund the Task Force for its first four years.

With ten cities, the Task Force is a coordinated and regionalized effort amongst cities, local law enforcement agencies and community-based organizations. The Task Force’s Executive Director, Soo Kang, with the City of Stanton, monitors the fiscal and programmatic components of the services.

Since the Task Force’s inception, it has commissioned a first-ever homeless census and has provided a variety of other services aimed at reducing youth violence and assisting with post-incarceration reentry. The continued funding included in California’s Budget Act of 2021 will enable the Task Force to expand to three additional cities. Federal officials have also noted its potential and are pursuing an additional $5 million to fund the Task Force’s efforts to create a regional resource map for accountability and efficacy.  

“Continuing this critical funding was my top priority,” Newman said. “I am so grateful to the hundreds of dedicated public servants, mental health clinicians, homeless outreach providers, violence prevention specialists and other community-based organizations who have worked tirelessly to enhance the safety and lives of residents, businesses and visitors of North Orange County.”

Find the complete press release here.