SCAG Grant Award

SCAG Sustainable Communities Program Smart Cities & Mobility Innovations Grant Award
The Community & Economic Development Department has been awarded $125,000 to complete a City-wide Curb Management Plan.

Stanton, Calif. (July 22, 2021):  The Southern California Association of Governments’ Sustainable Communities (SCAG) Program is a technical assistance program that provides direct resources for jurisdictions and agencies for local planning. The SCP strengthens local partnerships and implements strategies outlined in Connect SoCal to promote healthy, connected and equitable communities.

In April 2021, Community & Economic Development staff submitted an application for a city-wide Curb Management Plan and received the fourth-highest score with an award of $125,000. Execution of the Curb Management Plan includes a city-wide survey of all of the curb space, identifying obstructions (fire hydrants, etc.), mapping locations (residential, commercial or industrial) and labeling by use (long-term vs. short-term, paid vs. free, etc.). This survey will assist the department in selecting the optimal use for each curb in the City. This project is scheduled to begin in September and will be completed within the year.

As a direct result of community and City Council concerns related to parking and quality of life, the project is intended to improve transportation safety conditions and overall quality of life for our residents. Outcomes include enhanced parking management, parking support for the business community, increased safety, relieving curb space usage to improve alternative transportation options and working to identify multiuser curbs space options.

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