Contract Class Instructor

This position is a temporary contract without benefits. Proposal information can be found HERE.
Contract Class Instructors have unique skills or expertise and experience sharing their knowledge with members of the public in a class or workshop setting. 

Typical courses will take place 1-3 days a week, for 1-4 hours a day, and will run for multiple weeks. Courses are created quarterly. The City will have the option to continue course offerings into subsequent quarters.
Summer camps are held from June through mid-August. A typical camp runs 5 days a week, half-day, and for one week. The City will have the option to continue course offerings into subsequent quarters.

Specific Areas of Interest:  

  • Youth Dance
  • Martial Arts (all disciplines & all ages)
  • Adult Fitness

Areas of interest that may be new or unique approaches to classes already offered will be considered.

Please review these guidelines before submitting a course proposal:
  • Review the current quarter of The Stanton Express to see if your proposed course is already being offered. You can view our brochure online here.
  • Please note that workshops and classes cannot be designed to sell or recommend products from your business or promote your consulting or investing services.

Please consult the table below for course date ranges and application deadlines:
Course needs through Winter/Spring 2024 have been filled. Deadlines are subject to change. Please check back before submitting an application.

2024 Contract Program Dates
Winter/Spring 2024
Proposals Due September 14, 2023
Program Dates January 8 - April 28
Summer 2024
Proposals Due January 11, 2024
Program Dates April 29 - August 25
Fall 2024
Proposals Due May 9, 2024
Program Dates August 26 - December 22


  • Hold regular contract courses in a variety of locations as defined by contract
  • Teach infants, children, teens, and adults based on course focus/description
  • Develop a course curriculum including course outline, description, and lessons; check for understanding and/or testing; and all other related course materials for the proposed subject(s)
  • Manage the classroom to ensure an optimal learning environment
  • Assist in the promotion and marketing of contract courses
  • Develop diverse and creative programming not currently offered by the City of Stanton


  • Bachelor's degree in a related field or equivalent knowledge/experience
  • Some teaching or presentation experience
  • Familiarity and experience working with a diverse population
  • Fingerprinting and TB test through the City of Stanton
  • Insurance as defined by contract


City staff, as designated by the Director of Community Services, will review the proposals. Proposals will be considered for inclusion as a City-offered Contract Class program and promoted in The Stanton Express, provided all criteria listed below have been met:

  • Course is not a duplication of an existing course or program that sufficiently meets demand
  • Course does not pose an unreasonable safety risk to participants
  • Course title and subject matter are interpreted as an appropriate City service consistent with the City's adopted policies, mission, goals, and strategic plans

The City will not contract for courses that fall into any of the following:

  • Courses that subject participants to investment advice, ventures that may pose financial risks or solicitation, and/or sell products or services
  • Courses that imply religious instruction, offer a religious-based program or service, and/or infer practices or rituals
  • Courses that promote alcohol, illegal drugs, drug or weapon products, paraphernalia, firearms, tobacco, gambling, and/or adult-oriented or sexually explicit materials

The revenue for courses held at City facilities is split 70/30 with the instructor, or as defined by contract. The City of Stanton cannot guarantee the number of courses, the number of students, or the amount of revenue that a course may receive.

This recruitment is not an offer for employment. An application is not a guarantee your proposal will be accepted.