Storm Water Pollution Prevention


The City of Stanton has two drainage systems - the sanitary sewers and the storm drains:
  • Sanitary sewers drain the pipes connected to your sinks, bathrooms, washing machines, etc. They carry waste to a sewage treatment plant where the water is cleaned and then reused or discharged into the ocean away from beaches. 
  • The storm drain system begins at the curb gutter in the street. The sole purpose of the storm drains is to quickly carry rainwater out to the ocean in order to prevent flooding. Thus the water is not treated or filtered like the waste in the sanitary sewer system. As a result, any urban pollution entering the system is discharged directly to the ocean.
Please see this Sewage Spill Reference Guide and Sewer Master Plan for additional information.

What is Stormwater Pollution?

Where does Stanton's stormwater go?

What does the City do to prevent Stormwater Pollution?

What can I do to prevent Stormwater Pollution?