Residential Code Compliance

The City of Stanton is actively enforcing the City's zoning ordinance in an attempt to improve the City's image and to protect the integrity of residential neighborhoods. The codes are designed to accomplish that goal. Your cooperation in conforming to these codes will help to preserve the quality of your community.

Residential Codes:
  • Inoperative, unlicensed or dismantled vehicles must be parked in fully enclosed garages in residential zones. Storage in driveways or yards is prohibited.
  • Vehicles over 10,000 pounds may not be parked in residential areas.
  • Homes may not be used for commercial/industrial activities EXCEPT when a home occupation permit has been issued by the Planning Division.
  • Discarded furniture, appliances, vehicle parts, household items, trash, debris, tree limbs or vegetation that constitute a public nuisance may not be stored on properties.
  • Trash cans may only be in public view near the curb on the day of trash collection. At all other times, they must be stored in an area not visible from the public right of way.
  • Garage sales in residential zones must be limited to four per year and no longer than three days duration. All items must have been used at your home. Merchandise may not be brought in from elsewhere for sale.
  • All fences, visible from the public street, must be maintained in such a manner as to not create a safety hazard.
  • Vehicle repair must be performed within an enclosed building.
  • You may not park on your lawn or any unpaved surface.