Garage Sale Guidelines

Stanton residents have the opportunity to host up to four (4) garage sales within a calendar year, but no more than two (2) in any six-month period. Residents wishing to host a garage sale must come in-person to City Hall to complete a garage sale application and pay a $10.00 application fee. 

  • All such goods, wares, and merchandise are the personal property of the resident or his/her co-conductors of the sale and are obsolete to the undersigned applicant’s use. I will not bring or allow new or successive items onto the property to replenish the stock of goods, wares, or merchandise offered for sale.
  • Such activity will be conducted within garages, carports, front yards, backyards, patios, driveways and walkways on the resident’s property. No goods, wares or merchandise will be displayed or placed in the public right of way.
  • No advertising signs will be posted more than one (1) week prior to the initial sale date. NO SUCH SIGNS WILL BE POSTED WITHIN THE PUBLIC RIGHT OF WAY OR ON UTILITY POLES.  ALL SIGNS WILL BE REMOVED IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING THE END OF THE SALE.
  • The activity will only be held between the hours of 8am and 8pm, for a maximum of three (3) consecutive days.