Commercial Code Compliance Checklist

In an effort to upkeep our City's image, Code Enforcement actively enforces ordinances regulating land use. Please see our current Commercial Code Compliance Checklist as a guide for your business:

  • Vehicles displayed for sale are prohibited, except when a business is properly licensed by the City and State to conduct such sales.
  • Abandoned and/or inoperable vehicles may not be stored.
  • All business must be conducted within an enclosed building.
  • All businesses must be licensed by the City.
  • Storage within the City's right of way is prohibited.
  • Outdoor dining is only permitted when approved through the precise plan/conditional use permit process.
  • All advertising devices must receive approval from the City (including banners, pennants, streamers, etc.) 
  • Balloons are prohibited.
  • Parking lots and landscaping must be maintained in such a manner as to not constitute a nuisance condition.
  • You may not park on your lawn or any unpaved surface.