Commercial Cannabis Business Permits

PLEASE NOTE: Applicants or their representatives are prohibited from contacting any member of the City Council, Planning Commission, or Evaluation Committee at any time and from using any manner of contact. Any violation will result in the dismissal of the applicant’s application. City Council members and/or Planning Commissioners are also prohibited from contacting Evaluation Committee members, applicants, and/or their representatives. For more important notes, please see the following documents:

To be considered to operate a cannabis-related business in the City of Stanton, interested operators will submit screening applications. Applications were accepted between September 14 and October 29, 2020. The Screening application submittal period is closed and all applications are under review (see Step 2).   

Each screening application will be reviewed and scored by the Application Evaluation Committee, using Cannabis Business Permit - Screening Criteria. The scores will be totaled for each applicant and the top 4 applications in each category will be eligible to move on to the next Steps. For a summary of the process, requirements, and selection please review the Cannabis Overview. 

The City’s overarching goal is to implement a fair process. Occasionally there will be unanticipated issues as the City moves through this process. The City has prepared Cannabis Administrative Regulations to implement the process in a fair manner that does not allow any applicant to obtain a competitive advantage. These regulations may be updated from time to time to reflect new issues that have arisen through the commercial cannabis permitting process.

Updated 04/21/2021 - Applications highlighted in green have qualified to move to next review step.

Cannabis Scoresheet 1
Cannabis Scoresheet 2