Frequently Asked Questions - Building & Safety

Building Permits and Submittals

How many sets of plans do I submit?
3 sets of plans, 2 sets of structural calculations and 2 sets of Title 24 Energy calculations. The Title-24 Energy calculations should also be copied on the plans pages.
What size plan page can I submit?
Please submit 36″ x 24″ plan pages. Solar plans should be submitted on 11″ x 17″ plan pages.
Can I download a building permit application?
What is your plan check turn around time?
For the majority of projects, we provide a 10 business day turnaround for the first review. We provide a 5 business day turnaround for a second review. Business days are Mondays - Thursdays.
Can I submit for plan check electronically and check my status online?
Yes, you can submit electronically through our Plan Check Center where you can check the status of your permit after submittal.
Can I check submittal status via email?
Yes. Feel free to send us an email at for status inquiries.
What are your design criteria?
Design wind speed (residential): 85mph
Design wind speed (commercial): 110mph
Seismic zone: D
Climate zone: 8
Exposure: C
What Building Codes are you using?
2019 California Building Code
2019 California Residential Code
2019 California Mechanical Code
2019 California Electrical Code
2019 California Plumbing Code
2019 California Fire Code
2019 California Energy Code
2019 California Green Building Standards Code.
Does the City require an authorization letter?
Yes. For tenant improvement projects we require a letter from the building owner authorizing the project before a permit will be issued. We also require an authorization letter for agents pulling permits on behalf of a contractor. These letters should be on company letterhead but do not need to be notarized.
Do contractors need a business license?
Yes. And if the general contractor has sub-contractors working for them, then the sub-contractors will be required to get business licenses as well. See our business license page for more information.
Do I need Title-24 energy calculations?
If you are adding or modifying any part of a lighting system, mechanical system or building envelope, it is likely you will need to provide Title-24 documents. The state now has a handy website,, that can help you determine what you need. Please find the Trigger sheets on the state website to help you determine if you need to fill out Title-24 documents. 

Solar Plan Checks and Permits

How many sets of plans do we submit?
3 copies of plans are required. 
What plan size pages can we submit?
11″ x 17″ only please. Backup documentation can also be on 8.5″ x 11″.
How long does plan check for solar permits take?
Solar plan checks take 10 business days to review. Plan checks submitted before 3:00 pm will begin their review process on the day of submittal. Plan checks submitted after 3:00 pm will begin the review process the following business day. Our business days are Monday through Thursday.
Do I need structural calculations?
Maybe. We use an Orange County ICC chapter recommendation that structural calculations need to be provided when a solar installation is over 350 square feet on a single story house and 250 square feet on a two-story house. 
What are the fees for solar permits?
Residential Solar Panels - 10 Kw or less with expedited plan check $250
Residential Solar Panels - 15 Kw or less with normal plan check $450
Residential Solar Panels over 15 Kw $500 + $15/Kw over 15
Commercial Solar Panels - 50 Kw or less $1,000
Commercial Solar Panels - between 51 Kw  and 250 kw $1000 + $7/Kw over 50
Commercial Solar Panels - Over 250 Kw $2400 + $5/Kw over 250
Do you require 2 inspections?
No, we only require 1 inspection.