City Branding and Messaging Services

The City of Stanton is seeking a successful brand development firm to help identify and define our City’s unique characteristics and develop an effective, professional brand, giving the City a stronger, more viable image and unified message within our community and throughout Orange County.

The selected firm will have creative agency in reaching the final deliverables, however, project proposal should include a research phase and details for brand development, including number of drafts and revisions available to us when developing deliverables.

  • Brand Assets: Finalized logo designs and template materials.
    • City Logo (in various colorways)
      • Accompanying logos for City departments
    • City Seal (in various colorways)
    • City Tagline
    • Document Templates (letterhead, forms, etc.)
  • Style Guide: A comprehensive document illustrating the graphic standards and rules for use of the City logos, colors and typography along with design mockups for key materials and guidance for brand applications.
  • Wayfinding Signs
    • Inventory of current signs
    • Design for signs throughout City to match Style Guide
  • Strategic Communications Plan: to guide Stanton’s communication and community engagement efforts over the next three years. This plan should include a Key Messaging Platform.
Please find the complete request for proposals here: City of Stanton Branding and Messaging 2023


Knowing the City of Stanton (“City”) is seeking a successful brand development firm to help identify and define our City’s unique characteristics and develop an effective, professional brand, giving the City a stronger, more viable image and unified message within our community and throughout Orange County; are you able to share the overall budget that the City has earmarked for the branding and messaging work? 
The City has allocated $100,000 for this project, however, this budget will be utilized for both consulting and some implementation costs.

Can the proposal be designed to reflect the agency’s brand or does the proposal format need to be in black and white using the exhibit forms as provided by the City of Stanton? For example, can the proposal cover page be laid out differently than it is in the exhibit as long as it contains all of the requested information?
We prefer that the provided forms are completed as presented, the remainder of your proposal can be formatted as you wish.

Under XI. SUBMITTAL REQUIREMENTS it does not mention identifying the team or providing resumes, however, XIII. SELECTION & AWARD includes “Experience of firm and assigned personnel with the services proposed.” Should we identify the team that would be assigned to work on the City of Stanton account in the Executive Summary; or, would this need to be included as extra documentation in the Appendix part of our proposal?
Please include any pertinent staffing information in your Executive Summary.

In Exhibit "B" of the sample agreement, section 3; what type of evidence does the proposer need to furnish as official proof of insurance as part of the proposal submission, or is evidence only required if awarded?

Insurance will be required only if awarded.

On page 9 of the RFP it says that the proposer will be judged based on financial stability and viability; what proof or evidence of financial stability and viability does the City of Stanton require as part of the proposal response?
Proposers can determine how they would like to demonstrate their financial stability and viability.

In Exhibit "D", can you expand upon how you’d like to see the cost proposal structured, given the number of templates, variations of accompanying logos, and signage etc. would be determined at a future date?
Please structure your cost proposals by line item as clearly as possible. This can be however you see fit to get the information across (cost per template or revision, or a price for X amount of templates with fee for each additional, etc.)

What communication channels does the City of Stanton currently use to communicate with its residents and businesses? Are there any platforms that the City wishes to engage on but has not yet established a presence?
The City currently engages the community with the following platforms, but would be open to others: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and NextDoor.

Do you have a local preference or are you open to an agency that has had similar engagements with clients like yourselves across the States (specifically also in California) and internationally?
We do not have a local preference for this project.

For way finding will there be a need to also identify materials for installation and a provider for the same, or just the designs in line with the branding?
For wayfinding signs, we are looking for designs, but suggestions for materials are also welcomed. Providers do not need to be identified.

With regards to the Strategic Communications Plan, we understand this to be in-line with the brand and its core tenets and not a singular initiative or campaign message, would this be correct?
Yes, this will be for the overall brand vs. a singular initiative.

Would you need content for three years for the Strategic Communications Plan or a three year build-up of the activities and tactics alone?
A three year build up of general activities and tactics is sufficient.

Could we request an extension to the submission deadline?
We cannot provide an extension to the deadline.

Does the plan referenced in scope item 4: Strategic Communications Plan pertain only to communications related to the scope items referenced in this RFP? 
The Strategic Communication Plan should be a general guide for communications and engagement tactics for the City as a whole, including but not specific to the scope of this project.

If a team wishes to subcontract or partner with another entity to supply a specific portion of the scope of work, how would the city prefer this indicated in the response? What information does the city require from the identified subcontractor or partner team for approval?
Subcontractor information can be included in your Executive Summary. Please include the entities contact information and scope of their inclusion in the project.

Does the selection criteria have any weighting to it – are certain factors more important than others? 
Selection criteria are weighed equally and used to analyze the overall proposal.