Community Services Brochure Design

Please find the complete request for proposals here: City of Stanton Community Services Brochure Design 2023
The City of Stanton (“City”) is seeking a successful design firm to develop the layout and visuals for the City’s Community Services brochure, The Stanton Express, three times per year.

The purpose of the RFP is to provide interested vendors with sufficient information to enable them to propose and submit proposals for the scope outlined within the RFP. 

The contractor shall furnish all equipment, labor and materials necessary to design the Stanton Express. This will include design, layout, graphics and delivery of the final product in retrievable form to the Stanton Community Services Department. The City shall retain creative control of the document. The total price should include all reasonable and ordinary charges and corrections to each proof and mockup stages. 

The contractor shall design three editions of the City of Stanton’s Stanton Express per year. Each edition will be in an 8.125 x 10.25 booklet format, twenty-four content pages, plus interior and exterior front and back covers. Proposers should also include a quote for a twenty-eight-page edition, plus interior and exterior front and back covers.

The contractor shall provide the Stanton Express design within an assigned five-week schedule. This five-week schedule begins with the City providing the designer with the initial text draft and ends when the completed document is uploaded to the printer. The City must receive a copy of each edition and have an opportunity to submit changes before the final guide is printed. An approximate timeline is provided below:

  • Winter/Spring – November/December
  • Summer – March/April
  • Fall – July/August


Will the InDesign packaged file be available for the new designer to take over the production and layout?

No. Proposers are responsible for producing the layout.

If not, will some artwork be available (advertisements, registration form, etc.) to be reused or picked up (possibly with minor corrections, such as your map and registration form)?
Artwork that is designed in-house will be made available. The following is a non-comprehensive list: Everyone Plays Advertisement, Stanton Facilities Map, Facility Rental Advertisement, Stanton Family Resource Center Advertisement, Registration How-To, etc.

Will the City do a redesign of the current brochure?
We are open to new creative interpretations.

If yes, will extra time be allowed prior to first brochure for redesign (whole or part)? -and-
Yes, the timeline of the RFP should allow for sufficient time to redesign prior to going to print.

Should redesign fee be included in addition to what’s currently being asked in the RFP?
The scope of services outlined in the RFP implies that the awarded agency will be designing each brochure. If your agency requires a redesign fee, please include it. 

Do we need be part of or come up with ideas for the community outreach to design and layout of the Stanton Express?
The Executive Summary does not need to include details for community outreach, but must include the proposer’s timeline and program strategy to achieve the goals, objectives and requirements of Exhibit A – Scope of Work.

Do we need to provide proof of insurance if we are only submitting an application for artwork only?
The City’s standard professional services agreement requires contractors to provide insurance as detailed on pages 12-15 of the RFP. Any requested modifications should be included in the Cover Letter.